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Mrs. Costantino's Dance Classes



 Vista Heights Dance

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At Vista Heights Middle School our dancers engage in the skillful development of their bodies and thoughtful growth of their minds. Dancers engage in a unique creative perspective though movement, collaboration, and performance. Unlocking the possibilities within themselves, the surrounding community and culture and within the Art of Dance. We are excited to be able to offer this unique experience to our students.


Beginning Dance

Daily Instruction follows the California State Standards for Physical Education in Dance and Performing Arts


This is a course of instruction designed to include applications of beginning dance movement and techniques. The students will learn to express themselves through a variety of movement techniques as well as express themselves on paper with demonstrations of critique writing. Styles will include – jazz, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary, world, basic ballet and modern techniques. Weekly course content will involve warm up, across the floor technique and strength and conditioning. Injury prevention will be taught through Pilates Dance Conditioning and Yoga. Students will learn concepts of Kinesiology, Anatomy, and Nutrition to develop an understanding as to how to maintain, fine tune, and protect the body as an instrument.


Participation in Class:

Students are expected to fully participate in every aspect of the dance program. Students earn a daily grade based on a 10 point scale that encompasses: technical proficiency, musicality, spatial awareness, sequencing ability, and dynamic range, and personality. Please come prepared for dance class with your clothes and materials, just as you would by bringing your math book to math! Students are encouraged to dress and perform everyday. It is very important to be prepared. Being prepared shows your commitment to growing as a dancer at Vista Heights Middle School.


Advance Dance

This course is an extension of the beginning class. Students will learn more beginning to intermediate movement techniques. Styles of dance will include ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, hip hop, musical theater and world dance. Students will learn the fundamentals of choreography and collaborate in class on Dance combinations and projects.  This class will have performance opportunities in class, at school, and in the community.
This year I will be using the REMIND notifications for class. This is a great tool to keep students informed on dance class locations, homework, Dance projects and Dance events.
In order to register you need to text the proper code to the number 81010
Beginning Dance ( Periods 1-6)  Text @vhmsbeg to 81010
Advance Dance ( Period 7) Text @vhmsdance to 81010
Visit for more info, and make sure to download the Remind app for Android or Apple



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Advanced Dance Fight Song

The Advanced Dancers performed a Fight Song dance for our Avid College Kick Off Lunch Activities. This was their first time performing in front of the school and they did such a fantastic job! Way To Go Wildcats!
Recommended Shoes for Dance class.
Period 1- 0qbzo9a
Period 2- df0b4c
Period 3- yqlibg
Period 6- a3fffn
Period 7- buo2ac