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Help stop bullying!

Here are two anonymous resources you can use to report an incident of bullying:

by phone: 1-855-86-BULLY
by web:

   What to Do If Your Student Has Failing Grades in Middle School  


Identify the Problem

Talk to your child and discuss with them the following questions.

Are the classes too hard? 

Is your child not doing the homework? 

Are low test scores a problem? 

Has your child had a lot of absences? 

Have they made up their work from excused absences?

Do you and your child check their grades often on Infinite Campus?

Are you in contact with your student’s teachers when there is a question on assignments?

Does your child attend tutoring at school with their teachers?


Talk to your child’s Teachers

Schedule a Parent/Teacher Conference with your child’s teachers.

Make sure to bring your child to the meeting. It is important for all of you to meet, so your child knows everyone is working together to support them.


Problem-Solve with Your Student

Once you have a better idea WHY your child is failing, sit down and problem solve with your child. Sometimes, simple yet creative solutions can make a big difference.

Do they need more structure with homework? Establish a scheduled homework time and place in your home for them to complete their homework.


Do they have difficulty remembering what they have for homework? Have your student to write their homework in their binder reminder/planner and have them to ask their teacher at the end of each class period to initial their binder reminder.


Do they need extra help? Have your student to pick up a tutoring schedule from their school counselor and encourage your child to attend tutoring before and after school and during lunch if their teachers offer tutoring during this time. 


Are they just not motivated to do their work? Set up consequences for your child. For example, decide on one day a week to check Infinite Campus together and if they have improved their grades reward and or praise them for improving. If they are missing assignments or their grades have not improved set up consequences such as completing the missing assignments during the weekend instead of fun activities.


If you have any further questions, please contact your child’s school counselor.