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Vista Heights Middle School

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Tutoring and Academic Support

Our school is committed to supporting student academic success. Please view the tutoring schedules and resources in the link bar on the right side of the page.

Middle School Matters

Your Students’ Learning Lays The Foundation For Their Future Success

Dear Vista Heights Parents

It is critical that your child leaves middle school, proficient in Mathematics, Language and Literature, and other core classes, since these classes build a foundation for future college and career pathways. High School Language Arts and Math classes are extremely rigorous and require a C or better to move on to higher level courses. Students who have failed to acquire proficiency in Math and Language & Literature  often struggle to progress through many of their high school graduation requirements. With this being said, Vista Heights is providing multiple forms of support to ensure that your student has numerous opportunities to attain the proficiency needed to be successful in high school classes.

Homework Haven Homework at Vista Heights is either an extension of activities that have taken place in the classroom or an opportunity to complete an assignment that was not finished in class. Students who have two or more missing assignments in any academic class will be assigned to Homework Haven, where they will have the opportunity to finish their work.

Math and Language Arts units

Middle School students can become overwhelmed when they finish a 9 week quarter and realize that they are failing a class. Instead of waiting several weeks to identify a student’s need for assistance, we have broken our Math and Language & Literature  classes into units, which allows counselors, administrators, and teachers to quickly identify students who are struggling academically and place them in intervention sessions that specifically address the areas recently covered. This provides your scholar  multiple opportunities to demonstrate much needed proficiency in Math and Language & Literature skills.

Saturday Academy

Saturday Academy is an intensive intervention that provides your students three 75 minute blocks of Math, Language & Literature  or World Language instruction. Students have the opportunity to finish incomplete or missing work, get additional assistance on challenging Math, Language & Literature , or World Language concepts, or to retake assessments to demonstrate proficiency in one of their core classes. All students who earn a D or F unit grade will automatically be assigned to Saturday Academy or Smarter Wednesday.

Smarter Wednesday

Smarter Wednesday provides students a 1 ½  hour block of targeted instruction aimed at gaining proficiency in skills previously covered, or preparing for upcoming unit exams. All students who earn a D or F unit grade will automatically be assigned to Saturday Academy or Smarter Wednesday.


Before and After-school Study Hall

Before and After-school Study Hall is tutoring aimed at providing students assistance with troublesome homework questions and skills that are currently being addressed in class.