Cell Phone Policy

School Policies

Phones are not permitted to be used during the school day.
If a student has a matter that requires contacting a parent they must do so under the supervision and with the permission of a staff member using a land line.
If a student has a cell phone it must be turned completely off (not just to vibrate), and it must be hidden from sight.
Any staff member who sees a student using a cell phone or having it in plain sight may confiscate the phone. Due to the theft of cell phones on campus, a parent must retrieve the phone and verify that it is indeed the student’s phone.
Cell phones may be used prior to the first bell and after the final bell after the student has walked to the front of the school complex. They are not to be used inside classrooms or buildings without the express permission of the teacher or staff.
Neither Vista Heights Middle School nor the Moreno Valley Unified School District are responsible for lost or stolen cell phones.