Parking Lot Policy

School Policies

The Moreno Valley Police Department enforces the parking rules around the school. We would like to advise you of the following:
  • Parking in the Green Lane is for 15 MINUTES ONLY; any car parked for a longer period could be ticketed. Handicapped parking is permitted if all handicapped spaces are taken.
  • Cars parked on the street during street cleaning days (presently Tuesday) could be ticketed.
  • Parking in Handicap spots with someone else’s placard will result in a ticket
  • Please be aware the lanes in the school driveway are NOT for parking. The lane closest to the school (painted red) is for BUS drop off and pickup only. The Police Parking is for POLICE ONLY. The District Loading Zone is for District vehicles or employees dropping off material. The lane next to this is for DROPPING OFF AND PICKING UP STUDENTS ONLY. The lane next to this is for DRIVE THRU only. The green curb is for 15 MINUTE PARKING ONLY.
Please utilize our parking lot located on the East side of campus. Please be aware that only staff and district vehicles are permitted to drive on campus. Any other vehicle will be ticketed for trespassing..